Sunday, February 12, 2012

Indian Dinner
February 11th 2012

To Start

Chickpea Littles
With Tant Hill Farm Spinach

Pocket Farm Cabbage
Wrapped with Lentils and Quinoa

Indian Pancakes
With Pocket Farm Scallions

Served with Cilantro Chutney
Curried Tomato Chutney

Sonrisa Farm Wheat Berry Soup
With William’s Island Turnip Greens and Rutabaga

The Feast

Sweet Dal
With Last Summer’s Tomatoes

Sweet & Sour Potatoes
With Fall Creek Farm’s Potatoes & Cauliflower

Curried Beets And Mushrooms
With William’s Island Farm Beets and Rutabagas, 
Oyster Mushrooms from Walden’s Peak

Collard & Cabbage Paneer
With William’s Island Farm Collards, Tant Hill Cabbage 
and Handmade Paneer

Also: Sonrisa flour Naan, very un-local mango chutney,
 Pocket Farm Spinach and SCF yogurt Raita, very spicy cayenne sauce, and brown rice

To Finish

Rice Pudding
With last summer's Sequatchie Cove Figs
And Louisiana Satsumas

Featuring (and Many Thanks to)….

All beautiful and colorful wine and water glasses are made by Prentice Hicks and donated for use during this dinner.  They can be taken home to drink from and brighten your every day.  They are 2nds and specially priced.  Please ask for prices

Cute and pretty tea cups that held your soup, a few plates, small bud vases, and some serving bowls are made by Anderson Bailey, and are also donated for use during this dinner. They are the elegant, mostly white pieces and are all available for purchase. Please ask for prices.

The flowers are from the yards of Chattanooga and were lovingly arranged by Daisy and Jennie.

Of course this dinner would have been nothing but empty plates and stomachs without our dedicated and hardworking farmers and food artisans- William’s Island Farm, Sequatchie Cove Farm and Creamery, Sonrisa Farm, Pocket Farm, Tant Hill Farm, and Fall Creek Farm were all extremely important in the making of this dinner.  They are all at Main Street Farmer’s Market- along with many other farms producing equally delicious produce and meat.

Thanks to our gracious hosts Steve and Daisy for opening the doors of their beautiful home and letting us enjoy it for the evening.

 And last, but decidedly not least- Many thanks to all of you- the  supporters of local farmers and craftspeople.  You choose to make this community better and more alive every day.  I look forward to seeing you all at the Main Street Farmers Market throughout the season-which never ends!