Sunday, November 22, 2009

Welcome Letter To Blogdom

So yes.  It has finally happened.  After much resistance for many many reasons (a few of which will soon follow) I have finally given in to the world of Blogs.  To get used to this idea I have spent much of the past few days simply saying the word blog blogging blogged blogomia blogism, why yes, I am interested in what you are saying, maybe you can read my reply online.  On my blog. 

Now that I have stopped dreaming every night that I am working on my blog I feel like I am pretty much ready to embark.

Of course all that about replying through the blog is a teeny bit of an overexaggeration (something I am slightly prone to).  Although it is one of the reasons I have been opposed to blogs.  But I won't get into that.  I guess maybe I should say why I am doing this now and not why not because what's done is done... 
This is why:  I am now on the teeny little island of Dominica in the West Indies where the local power works when it feels like it, most of the people might not even have running water, much less a computer, TV, or home phone.  Where could possibly be a better place to settle myself in front of my own personal laptop computer and start my much dreaded BLOG?  Certainly there is no better way to fit in with the locals and feel a true part of the community than this....

No.  But really.  I realized the other day that I am in a brand-spankin new place and have a whole whole lot to say about the local food movements down here and not many people to talk to about it.  Of course, I always have a lot to say and half of it never gets written down because I have to cut myself off before I write the world's longest letter.  So this is more like public self-discipline to make sure I write it all down and don't forget anything.   And I thought it might be fun.  Fortunately a whole lot of people told me it would be a good idea so I don't feel too silly or crazy and am now mentally ready to Embark on the Blog Ship.

And here it goes.... I'm sure there are some of you who are happy to see it.

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Kay Sanford said...

I am happy.