Thursday, February 18, 2010

Recipe- How to Make Salt

First Step- write a newsletter complaining about yellow prussiate of soda in salt.

Next Step- receive and email from the infamous Charlie Loomis (or famous, depending on what side of the email you're on) telling you to make you own damn salt.  He will tell you about how a child can do it- in fact a child did do it, with him, Charlie Loomis, for a science project.  He will send you instructions on how to make salt your own dern self.  You will think it's a great idea but somehow forget every time you go to the sea for a swim to also collect water.  Just when you have completely forgotten about the salt endeavor, Charlie will send you yet another email checking on your progress.  Eventually you will run to the sea with a jug, come back with the water and make you own damn salt.

-One ocean

-Shallow clay or glass containers (I used baking dishes and pie pans)

Pour a very teeny amount of water into the dishes and set then in a place where the wind blows hard and the sun shines bright.

The first time I tried this I put way too much water in, and then a volcano exploded on a neighboring island and covered everything in ash.  Second time I just barely covered the bottom of the containers and set them on the roof to dry.  It took two days for the water to evaporate and I was left with salt crystals.  I let the pans sit in a warm oven for thirty minutes or so to make sure it was completely dry and scraped the salt from the bottom of the pans.

And that's it.  The beginning is the only hard part.

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