Tuesday, August 2, 2011

* Recipes soon to come (especially for the eggplant).  I promise!

Summertime Celebration Menu
     July 30th, Laurie’s house 

To Start
Link 41 Bratwurst on Niedlov’s dinner rolls
With Handmade sauerkraut from Signal Mtn. Farm red cabbage

Sequatchie Cove Cumberland “Pimento” Cheese
With Crabtree sweet peppers and Pocket Farm anaheim pepper

Served with: William’s Island sungolds, Crabtree cucumbers, tiny Tant Hill tomatoes
                                                             and toasted Niedlov’s Italian loaf

Melon Touched Gazpacho
    With Riverview melon, TiRoc, Circle S, and Sequatchie Cove tomatoes, Dan’s cucumbers,
and Pocket and Crabtree peppers

The Feast

Heirloom Yellow Indian Woman and Tiger’s Eye Bean Salad *
With William’s Island patty pan and sungolds and TiRoc basil and tomatoes

Riverview Farm Grits
With Alexzanna oregano and parsley and Riverview garlic

Iced Crabtree Cucumbers
With Circle S onions, Sale Creek honey and Sequatchie Cove muscadine vinegar

Eggplant Involtini
With William’s Island Eggplant, Niedlov’s ciabatta, Cumberland cheese, Pocket tomatoes, and Riverview garlic

To Finish

Velo Coffee Pudding and Fruits
With Sequatchie Cove Farm milk, eggs and blueberries, and Alexzanna figs

*I bought the heirloom beans at a farmer’s market in California this spring and have been trying to find someone special to serve them to.  They are not local now, but they once were.

Featuring (and Many Thanks to)…. 

All beautiful and colorful wine and water glasses are made by Prentice Hicks and donated for use during this dinner.  They can be taken home to drink out of forever.  They are 2nds and specially priced for this dinner.  Please ask for prices

Various bowls (big and small), cups, small casserole dishes, and vases (small and big) are made by Anderson Bailey, and are also donated for use during this dinner.  They may be taken home as well, please ask for prices (many are also 2nds).  

Gorgeous hand-screen-printed and sewn tea towels scattered about are lovingly made from recycled fabric by Elspeth Schultze, and can also be obtained to brighten your kitchen and home for $12.  

All flowers are lovingly grown and arranged by Padgett Arnold  

Of course this dinner would have been nothing but empty plates and stomachs without our dedicated and hardworking farmers- William’s Island Farm, Sequatchie Cove Farm and Creamery, Circle S Farm, Signal Mountain Farm, Alexzanna Farm, TiRoc Farm, Riverview Farm, Pocket Farm, Tant Hill Farm, Sale Creek Honey, and Crabtree Farm were all extremely important in the making of this dinner.  They are all at Main Street Farmer’s Market- along with many other farms producing equally delicious produce and meat.

Thanks to our gracious hostess Laurie Vaughen for opening the doors of her beautiful home and letting us enjoy it for the evening.

 And last, but decidedly not least- Many thanks to all of you- the  supporters of local farmers and craftspeople.  You choose to make this community better and more alive every day.  I look forward to seeing you all at the Main Street Farmers Market throughout the season!



Ladies said...

Mmmmm.... Looking forward to some of your tasty recipes.. Wonderful dinner with so much that was pleasing to the palate and eye. Thanks for all the lovely things you do

Elspeth Schulze said...

Gosh, what an incredible meal and evening this must've been. It all reads like stomach-poetry. yum. this city's lucky to have you...