Thursday, June 9, 2011

Join the Slow Food “Farmarazzi”

Recently a few states in the US tried to make taking photgraphs on farms illegal- all farms, good or bad.  The verdict is still out for some of those states.

Help us celebrate our right to know and show where our food comes from

v Visit the following participating farms from the Main Street Farmer’s Market on the listed days during the next three weeks. Take photos of plants, animals, and the farmers themselves (if they don’t run away first) and enjoy the beauty of our own local farms. Email your photos to

v   Meet on Wednesday June 29 at 6:30 for a pot-luck and   viewer-judged photo contest at GreenSpaces on Main Street.  Don’t forget to include locally grown or produced ingredients in your dish!

To see other Slow Fooder’s photos visit the national SF Facebook slideshow here
Ø To sign the petition protesting these laws click here

Farms to visit (please contact farmers before visiting-email and/or phone #s can be found below, either linked  or listed):
o   Crabtree Farms any day but Sunday
o   Sequatchie Cove Farm any day but Sunday
o   Alexzanna Farm -(706)820-9042,
o   TiRoc Farms- any day but Saturday (423)802-6090,
o   William's Island Farm any day but Wednesday.  Unless you have your own canoe a little planning is necessary, but worth it.
o   Circle S Farm- any day
o   River Ridge Farms –any day but Saturday

OR: Visit the following farms on the following dates for a “field trip” with Ann Keener.  Meet at the Main Street Farmers Market  parking lot, on William’s and Main. Some carpooling will be available; otherwise you will just be following the lead.  Bring lots of water, a hat, and a camera.
o   Sequatchie Cove Farm –Saturday June 11th, 9:00 AM
o   William’s Island Farm- Sunday June 12th , 9:00 AM
o   Crabtree Farms- Tuesday June 14th, 3:45 PM
o   Alexzanna Farm-Monday June 20th , 4:00 PM
o   Circle S Farm- Saturday June 25th ,8:00AM

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